A specialized service in the individual animal incineration pioneer in Bizkaia

Individual incineration

Select and personalized service, totally respectful, to remember your pet with love, we deliver your ashes to you in an urn previously chosen by you

Collective incineration

Service more economical than individual incineration, is done with several pets together. The ashes are delivered to an authorized manager as required by current regulations.

Equine Incineration

Exclusive service of individual incineration of horses and ponies. Offer a respectful end to your animal, recovering its ashes in an urn to remember.

We take care of the transport of the horse to our facilities in our own vehicle, adapted and authorized for it.

Urns and memories

We have a selection of reliquaries, jewelry and urns so you can remember your pet permanently.

If you like any of our urns or jewelry and you live far from our facilities contact us, we can send them to your home.

We respect the current regulations, which prohibit the burial of pets, leading to heavy economic penalties

INADE is the first service in Bizkaia specialized in individual and collective incineration of companion animals, if any, of individual incineration of horses and ponies.

Incineration is a process that we do in a respectful way with the animals taking care of the environment and making it possible for the owners to recover the ashes after the cremation.

We have serious and professional qualified personnel, guaranteeing a respectful treatment with animals.

We will move to pick up the pet following the safety and occupational health procedures established for that purpose. We will complete the registration that will allow us to identify the pet throughout the process. A professional service that guarantees an excellent quality of service.

Inade, crematorio de animales de compañía

P01 Módulo P-2, Polígono Industrial Torrezar P1M2, 48410 Orozko, Vizcaya




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“We explain to you our respectful methods used in the cremation of your mascots”