Individual cremation of horses and ponies is a respectful process, with the ashes being placed in an urn for their memory


We offer you a new and exclusive individual cremation service for large animals such as horses and ponies. We want to offer the possibility to give a respectful end after the death of the horse or pony. They are cremated individually and their ashes are returned in an urn. We have a crematorium oven specifically designed for the individual cremation of horses.



If you wish, we can take care of transporting the horse to our facilities in our own vehicle, adapted and authorised for this purpose. During the whole process, from collection to cremation, they are treated with total respect and consideration. If you wish to be present at the time of cremation but are unable to be present due to distance, we can contact you by videoconference so that you can get to know us and our facilities. Call or write to us for more information.

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“We will explain to you the methods of respectful cremation of our pets”