Specialised in individual cremation of pets, ponies and horses, in a respectful and environmentally friendly way


In 2011, INADE created the first service in Bizkaia specialising in individual cremation of pets, and now we also offer individual cremation of horses and ponies. We make it possible for owners to recover the ashes after the cremation of their pets and horses. We take care of the deceased animals in an animal-friendly and environmentally friendly way. In this way, we respect the current regulations, which strictly prohibit the disposal of a pet by burying it, which can lead to a heavy financial penalty (EC Regulation 1069/2009 on animal by-products).

Why incinerate?

Always remember your beloved pet with the recovery of its ashes. First of all, cremation is a method that respects the environment and the animal itself. It also allows us to always remember our beloved animal thanks to the recovery of its ashes. With this clean method, which does not generate fumes or odours, we avoid the possible consequences of burying animals, such as water pollution, the creation of sources of infection, etc. There is also a regulation that prohibits the disposal of an animal by burying it, which entails a heavy financial penalty (EC Regulation 1069/2009 on animal by-products).

How long does an incineration take?

Avoid burial fines, in a short time you will have your pet’s ashes. The process takes on average 90 minutes for pets and around 10 hours for equines. This process can be lengthened or shortened depending on the size of the animal.

Can I witness the incineration process?

Say goodbye to your pet by being present at the cremation. Whenever the owner wishes to be present during the cremation, he/she can do so. To do so, please contact INADE staff, we will be happy to receive you at our facilities.

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