Professional individual and collective incineration services, always with the utmost respect and in an environmentally sustainable manner


Remember your pet with affection, we deliver their ashes in an urn previously chosen by you. It is a select and personalised service. A single body is introduced into the furnace so that the ashes are recovered and delivered to the owners in an urn that can be personally chosen by the client. If you wish to be with us at the time of cremating your pet, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be delighted to receive you at our facilities.


We cremate pets with the utmost respect, delivering the ashes to an authorised manager. It is a more economical service than individual incineration, as several bodies are incinerated together. Once the incineration process has been completed, the ashes are delivered to an authorised manager as required by current regulations.

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“We will explain to you the methods of respectful cremation of our pets”